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ReMapping and changing our words, thoughts and actions is the real solution. Actively remove the subconscious blocks that all of us have somewhere hidden in our brains.

Brain ReMapping is for you if…

✅ Self-destructive habits undermine your every move

✅ Highly charged situations leave you feeling reactive or too sensitive

✅ Counterproductive actions keep you from achieving your goals

✅ Unmanageable stress regularly appears in your life

✅ Trauma has created a sense of overwhelm and helplessness

✅ Have difficulty in facing uncomfortable emotions

✅ Physical pain is keeping you from moving forward in your life

✅ Feeling like you’re constantly putting out fires

✅ Experiencing fogginess and scatteredness throughout your day


⚡️ Diminish the emotional impact of past experiences

⚡️ Clarify the root of subconscious blocks

⚡️ Focus on your positive personal strengths (so they can work for you)

⚡️ Create more meaningful and joyful relationships

⚡️ Empower your bad-ass self with stronger boundaries

⚡️ Discover a greater sense of calm

⚡️ Make better decisions and crush your chaos

⚡️ Establish your own masterful guide to action for life

⚡️ Acknowledge your own super powers

⚡️ Embody a higher self-esteem so you can be truly unstoppable

If you want to acknowledge your superpowers and crush your chaos by stopping the self-destructive habits that undermine your every move, then book a call with me now.

If you’re a coach and you want to enhance or deepen your practice, Pamela is teaching at the Institute for Nature Centered Coaching. This ten month program nurtures your connection to nature while giving you tools to help others heal their past, find direction forward, and fulfill their purpose.

Experiences and Journeys

"Pamela is nothing short of magical! She is highly astute, deeply intuitive and in-tune. I highly recommend her to you!"


Los Angeles, CA

"When I worked with Pam, I truly felt the release of deep seated beliefs around finances and have actually transitioned my relationship with money."

Jenn Bauer

Huntington Beach, CA

"Pamela blew my mind by finding messages for me that were impossible for her to know. She is strongly connected and the work has made a huge impact in my life."

Cristina Maoli

Sao Paolo, Brazil